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Kohl's Department Store

Client: Kohl's
Project Location: Arvada, Colorado

Project Data: This project consisted of the engineering design and survey of a 97,000 SF department store and parking lot. Extensive utility design and coordination was a key element of this project. The site required the relocation of a 24" high-pressure gas line and an extensive underdrain / interceptor drain system to mitigate expansive soils. Resourceful grading techniques were utilized to minimize required retaining walls and the unnecessary export of fill dirt. JeHN Engineering did design approximately 3,000-feet of a 17-foot high, 3-tiered retaining wall. Regarding the transportation and safety aspects to the project, our team coordinated the realignment of traffic signals to new lane configuration at the site entrance. Vacations of existing easements, re-platting properties, and the design of acceleration and deceleration lanes for City of Arvada were also needed for the entrance to site. Our storm water employees managed the site / process and kept the client in compliance with state regulatins. Communication and Coordination skills were successfully tested - JeHN Engineering acted as the main point of contact to coordinate subconsultants for construction activities such as landscaping, lighting, architectural elements, structural engineering, and for approval through the City of Arvada. Additionally, our managers negotiated with adjacent property owners to allow grading off site to further reduce the required retaining wall quantities.

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