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Jefferson Center Metro District

Client: JCMD/Ralston Development Corp.
Project Location: Arvada, Colorado

Project Data: Financed through a TIFIA (Tax Increment Financing Agreement), this joint venture project between Jefferson Center Metropolitan District and the City of Arvada jump-started new commercial development and closed the gap in the transportation network for the City of Arvada.

JeHN was awarded the Construction Management contract and provided value engineering through design peer review for the Kendrick-McIntyre Public Improvements Project. The project entailed simultaneous management of up to seven subcontractors with approximately $6 million of public improvement work for realignment and construction of 1/2 mile of New McIntyre Street.

JeHN developed significant cost savings through value engineering by suggesting the use of lime treated subgrade to avoid a thicker and costlier full depth asphalt pavement section. Survey crews used GPS in order to meet the demands of and expedite staking for the myriad of contractors.

Because of the fixed grand opening date of a major supermarket, which drove the completion timetable, this project was fast-tracked with all major phases of construction sufficiently completed in 110 days. This project required full-time on-site supervision and full-time office contract management plus engineering and survey. It tapped the resources and expertise of 17 staff members including survey crews. All of the public improvements were completed in accordance with City and State standards, on time, under budget, and safely.

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