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JeHN Engineering's Survey Department can answer your surveying demands.Our full-service department has a staff of Professional Land Surveyors and LSIs. This combination of personnel and experience guarantees that your project is surveyed accurately, on-time, and that the results are communicated effectively. Public or private, the JeHN team has the ability to efficiently manage your survey project from inception to completion.

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A.L.T.A. (American Land Title Association) back to top Includes boundary, topography, utilities, legal description, improvements, easements, rights-of-way, structures and all other information impacting ownership of the land. Usually required by lenders and/or title companies for lending purposes on property. Commonly used in commercial property negotiations.

Annexation back to top
Incorporating property into an existing district or municipality with a resulting change in the boundaries. Plat will show existing and proposed annexations.

Builder Services: back to top
Plot Plans, Foundation Certificates, Improvement Location Certificates, Grading Certificates, and House Staking - These surveying services compliment our traditional surveying services by offering our clients an "a-to-z" solution for completing their residential development needs.

Condo Plats back to top
An allocation of space (Horizontal & Vertical) - unit space within the designated Home Owner Association (HOA). The plats are used to calculate percentages for care/maintenance in the HOA. The spaces (units) are measured in the field and then illustrated graphically. These documents are recorded and must meet all Colorado State Statutes.

Construction Staking: back to top
All aspects of construction staking (i.e. utilities, building placement, slope staking, curb & gutter, blue tops, property corners, wetlands delineation, etc.)

Dedications and vacations: Survey back to top
This survey uses a combination of legal descriptions and exhibits to dedicate and/or vacate right-of-way and/or easements. Typically these surveys are used in conjunction with the creation of easements and right-of-way.

Easements back to top
Preparation of legal descriptions and exhibits for the purpose of easement creation. Easements take the shape of many forms such as utility, access, blanket, etc. Easements are typically dedicated, recorded, conveyed, or vacated.

Exemption Survey back to top
A Subdivision Plat that depicts a division of land to be exempted from recorded subdivision regulations.

Field As-Builts back to top
This survey consists of horizontal and vertical locations of constructed improvements. These are necessary to prepare record drawing documents for completion of development projects.

GPS Surveys back to top
Typically used in static and real time capabilities for use on surveys and stakeout. The GPS units increase productivity without compromising accuracy.

Minor Plats back to top
A division of a small parcel of land into smaller parcels or lots, including rights-of-way, tracts and easements.

Right of way back to top
Establishing existing right-of-way, property lines, and the review of ownership title policies to determine the (if any) the needs for additional right-of-way. Typically, these surveys are used in roadway improvement projects.

Subdivision plats: back to top
A division of a large parcel of land into smaller parcels or lots, including rights-of-way, tracts and easements.

Topographic Survey back to top
Similar to a monumented land survey, the topographic survey is based on a vertical datum, to create a map showing contours on existing property. Determined by actual property dimensions, and accurately depicting the location of physical improvements. Conventional and aerial mapping methods are typically used for these surveys.

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