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Joseph A. Jehn
Joseph A. Jehn, P.E. Principal in Charge

Joseph A. Jehn is the founder and CEO of JeHN Engineering. He has practiced civil engineering for over 30 years and has extensive experience in the design of public and private infrastructure projects throughout the Western United States. He maintains an active role in day-to-day operations and performs oversight/peer review of major projects. Mr. Jehn is the design principal and project development chief for the firm, and is a registered professional engineer in numerous states, including Colorado. Mr. Jehn's knowledge, problem solving ability, and tenacity make certain that even the most complex projects become reality with all parties being satisfied in the end.

Steven Ceresa, Vice President

Stephen Ceresa the Vice President of Jehn Engineering has over 20 years of recognized experience in project management, heavy construction, and conceptual design to construction completion. As the previous owner of an excavation and demolition company, Mr. Ceresa understands the demands of running a business and has real world experience in civil and structural development projects. Additionally, Mr. Ceresa knows how crucial it is to come in under budget and on time for a project.
Mr. Ceresa is responsible for making sure that the work by both his team and the field crew is accurate, complete, meets all plan requirements, adheres to our high standards of quality and professionalism, and exceeds customer expectations.


Debbie Klisis P.E. Project Manager

While managing commercial, residential, industrial, and multi-use projects for over 15 years, Debbie has developed a comprehensive approach for completing projects with the best design in mind. In addition to her strong technical knowledge of how sites should drain and function, Debbie also manages projects efficiently through the approval process with the reviewing agencies.  She provides extensive experience in site design, drainage and utility design, construction plans, cost estimates, and construction phase services. Through her years of land development experience, Debbie has developed a sense of efficient site design, which balances reviewing agency requirements, cost effectiveness, and solid engineering judgement. 

Arnold Niemeyer, P.E. Project Manager

Arnold Niemeyer has over 40 years of experience in civil engineering.  His experience includes design and management of land development projects including large and small commercial, industrial and residential projects. He has extensive experience in infrastructure design, including roadway, drainage and utility design for both private and public sector projects. He has substantial experience in transportation design including highway, rail and airport projects. In addition to engineering design, Arnold has performed construction management and administration for several projects throughout the years. Clients have included large development companies, manufacturing and distribution companies, local, state and federal government. Arnold manages design projects from inception to final agency approval always being mindful of schedule, budget and constructability. He understands the importance of building relationships with both the client and municipal staff to complete a successful project.

Patrick Kiely, P.E. Project Manager

Mr. Kiely is registered Professional Engineer with twelve years of engineering experience planning and designing projects throughout Colorado.  He has designed and managed numerous public and private projects from the planning phase through the construction phase.  As a Project Engineer for Jehn, Patrick is responsible for overseeing roadway, grading, drainage and utility design. Patrick enjoys becoming familiar with both the big picture and the small details of his projects which helps him identify potential problems early in the design process.

Mark Wilson, PLS Survey Department Manager

Mr. Wilson has over 25 years experience in the surveying field . His responsibilities include project scheduling, boundary & legal interpretation, implementing new technology and checking surveys for accuracy and completeness.  He has a wide variety of experience in commercial, industrial and residential land development as well as surveying for transportation projects. Mr.Wilson prides himself on delivering accurate surveys to his clients in and efficient and professional manner. Mark's years of experience allows him to manage multiple projects ranging from single sites of one acre or less to multiple section surveys in urban, rural and mountainous areas.

Robert J. Hennessy, PLS,

With over 20 years of land surveying experience, Mr. Hennessy is well prepared to handle any survey related matter; office or field. Mr. Hennessy brings a wide skill set to our client base including subdivision platting, boundary issues in both urban and PLSS, legal descriptions and years of construction layout and calculation experience. He has performed surveys on projects ranging from International and local airports, dams, wind farms, oil and gas exploration and infrastructure, route location and extensive control networks. Mr. Hennessy looks forward to your unique surveying needs and the chance to apply his skills to your project.

Bret Egan, P.E. Project Engineer

Mr. Egan is a licensed engineer in the State of Colorado and a Project Engineer with 20 years of experience designing and managing development and building projects. Bret has designed and managed projects including; project coordination, scheduling, engineering preparation of construction plans, construction management, and plan review.

As a Project Engineer for JēHN Engineering, Mr. Egan is responsible for the following services: Construction staking calculation and coordination, Coordination of project with various public and private entities, Roadway design,Utility design and Drainage and erosion control design.

Bret's design specialty is grading and drainage design. He has been responsible for the overall drainage design concepts on residential, multi-family, retail, commercial, as well as several multimillion dollar projects. His overall goal throughout his design process is to lessen the impact of storm water.

Bret also has extensive experience in commercial property design. He has designed and managed commercial big box retail projects in the Western United States from project conception through project completion. Former clients include Wal-Mart and Home Depot.